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Other Aftersales Services
    Tyres To help maintain your safety, Audi Trained Technicians can check the tread depth, pressure, appearance and condition of your tyre. Book
    Cambelt Change Cambelt replacement is a complex job, so entrust your car to us and our experienced Audi trained technicians. Book
    Brake Fluid Your local Vindis Centre will be able to advise you on when your brake fluid should be checked and changed. Book
    Transmission Fluid To make sure gear changes remain seamless, your transmission fluid should be changed according to your service schedule; every 38,000 miles. Book
    Digital Service Schedule Your car’s entire service history is now stored electronically in a secure Audi database. Book
    Audi Roadside Assistance, Insurance & Accident Management All new Audi models come with three years’ complimentary roadside assistance, while every Approved used Audi has a year’s cover as standard. Book
    Clever Repair The clever way to keep your vehicle in top condition. Book
    Fuel & Air Cleanse We recommend a Fuel and Air Cleanse is used as a standard part of every service to keep the integrity of the fuel system and to maintain maximum performance and fuel economy. Book
    Audi All-in All-in is our aftercare package covering your servicing, MOT, roadside assistance and warranty for 2 years*. Book

    Audi servicing which shows we care about you and your Audi

    At Vindis Audi, we care about you and your Audi. You can visit us at one of our Audi dealerships and experience fantastic Audi servicing. Rest assured that we make it our mission to ensure you receive an outstanding service every time you visit us.

    When should I service my Audi?

    There are typically two types of service regime available for your Audi however, one of our team will be able to provide more information as exceptions apply.

    Whichever regime you choose your MMI (Multi-Media Interface) or myAudi account can show you when servicing is due. If you’re using the myAudi or Connect plug and play app, you can be notified automatically when you’re due a service via your smartphone.

    In addition to oil and inspection servicing and depending on your particular car there are a number of other items that require replacement at specific times or distances such as: air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, brake fluid, transmission oil. We will advise on the specifics for your car.

    Fixed regime overview

    Oil Service (petrol/diesel cars) every 9,300 miles (15,000km)/1 year, whichever occurs first

    Inspection Service every 18,600miles (30,000km)/2 years, whichever occurs first (some Battery Electric Vehicles have a fixed inspection regime of 2 years but with no mileage criteria. Check with your Audi Centre for details).

    Some customers prefer to visit us annually and therefore, the fixed regime (where available) provides extra peace of mind, the oil and inspection services can be completed in the same visit in the second year meaning you can budget with more certainty.

    Flexible regime overview

    Oil Service (petrol/diesel cars) based on oil degradation* but to a maximum of 18,600miles (30,000km)/or 2 years, whichever occurs first

    Inspection Service every 18,600miles (30,000km)/2 years, whichever occurs first

    * The oil change service is the flexible element as the car calculates the rate at which the oil degrades which is influenced by a number of factors, such as driving style, journey types and ambient temperature. The actual mileage achieved before the oil change service is required can be anywhere between 9,300miles and 18,600miles. For example, customers driving longer, motorway journeys or using lighter engine loads may require the oil change closer to the maximum mileage. An oil change service will be due after 2 years, irrespective of mileage, if it has not been completed earlier.

    The flexible regime is suitable for the vast majority of cars and is designed to be the most cost effective, but you may still prefer that your car is set to a fixed regime or it may not be eligible for the flexible regime.

    Audi Service Plans

    Our range of Audi Service Plans help you keep your car in the best possible condition and covers your car for its next two scheduled services.

    Whether you currently drive an Audi or are about to buy a new one, we have a plan suited to you and your car. Plus with flexible payment options, it’s the easiest way to budget for the best care.

    Take a look at our plans and choose the right one for you.