The Ducati DesertX is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys two-wheel exploration. It’s a bike that’s capable of taking you far and wide – and as the name suggests, across seemingly limitless sandy plains.

This is the first contemporary Ducati to feature a 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel. It also benefits from long-stroke suspension and a newly designed frame that helps deliver enhanced off-roading. Whether travelling along dusty, irregular surfaces or regular roads, the DesertX’s sturdy yet ergonomic frame makes riding as safe, simple and pleasurable as possible.

The bike is powered by a new-generation 937cc engine, which outputs 110bhp at 9,250rpm. The versatility of the DesertX is also reflected in its Riding Modes. It has six modes, two of which are specifically dedicated to the off-road riding experience: Enduro and the brand new Rally Mode, in addition to the Sport, Touring, Urban and Wet modes. Interested?

What about the new 2024 DesertX Rally? As part of the Ducati World Premiere Episodes, the DesertX Rally is your new wilder way of racing. This bike is even more off-road orientated, and is the perfect companion for those long tours out in the wild. Offering an additional 20mm of suspension travel, for a total of 250mm at the front and 240mm at the rear, with front and rear forks in collaborate with KYB, the Rally is highly equipped for an adventure you want to take. DesertX Rally flaunts a technology used on MX and enduro bikes that guarantees homogeneous behaviour and the necessary support even during the most extreme use.

If you’d like to know more, or if you wish to test-ride the Ducati DesertX or more on the release of the DesertX Rally, please contact the Ducati Cambridge team today.

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Ducati DesertX Range

    Ducati DesertX
    DesertX Exploration. Fun. Performance. And a great desire to take and leave towards the horizon. The identity of this bike leaves no room for doubt: just looking at it, it brings you into the atmosphere of Dakar racing.
    DesertX Rally Whether you’re looking for off-road adventure or the competition of a rally-raid, DesertX Rally is here to help you conquer the toughest challenges and push yourself beyond every limit.