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Vindis Group Fleet

Over the last decade Vindis Group Fleet has worked with both its customers and its suppliers of support services to structure a centralised fleet facility that provides the business sector with sound advice and a centralised supply solution for all of our brands. Each business has its own individual needs no matter how big or small. Here at Vindis Group Fleet we appreciate and understand this. Therefore, we have put together a dedicated team at our fleet centre that can help provide a tailored solution to meet your company’s requirements.

We can provide information on policy, funding solutions, affinity programs and salary sacrifice. We offer guidance on whole life costings, as well as business and personal tax analysis on precise vehicle specification requirements. Whatever your requirement, large or small, complicated or simplistic, the corporate sales team at Vindis Group Fleet can help provide a bespoke solution based on your individual needs. This can then be backed up by a service level agreement to ensure that what’s right on day one is monitored and reviewed regularly to make sure that we continue to offer a class leading service.

Funding Options Allow us to help you find the right solution
    Contract Hire popular funding method by far. It is ideal for businesses that prefer to hire rather than own cars and where having known budgeted cost is important. It's a simple agreement where a rental is paid in return for the use of a vehicle over two, three or four years. The mileage is decided at the start, and maintenance can all be included. This means there is no hassle of selling the car later on, or the worry about how much it'll be worth. At the end of the agreement we will then contact you in order to ensure there is a seamless changeover to the new vehicles.
    Finance Lease Specifically designed for businesses, you choose a hire agreement between one and four years. When this primary hire period ends, subject to meeting the terms and conditions of the contract of course, you can sell the vehicle on to a third party on the finance companies behalf. Depending upon the specific terms of the contract you may get a rebate on the rentals, this is normally expressed in percentage terms.
    Lease Purchase A business form of finance based on ownership. In brief, it enables the company to minimise the monthly rental by having a balloon payment at the end of the agreement based on a predicted residual value. The agreement can last from two to four years. Once the balloon payment is made the vehicle is owned outright.
    Hire Purchase - Personal Pay a fixed deposit, depending on the price of the car you want. The rest is split into monthly payments over one to five years. At the end of your contract when you've made your final payment, the car is all yours. Use the finance calculator to start crunching your numbers. You could own that dream car sooner than you thought.
    Personal Contract Purchase Personal Contract Purchase is a finance agreement which gives a number of purchase choices at the end of the agreement. Once a car has been chosen a guaranteed value is set aside, a term and mileage are chosen, and payments are then based on the difference plus the interest content. At the end of the agreement the individual has the choice to buy, part exchange or hand back the car.