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In April 2022, we partnered with Tree-Nation to support our mission towards becoming a more sustainable, Net Zero organisation by 2030. As part of that commitment, we embedded tree planting into our core handover process by gifting each and every customer who purchases a vehicle the opportunity to plant a tree(s) in a variety of locations around the world.

We’re thrilled that within just eighteen months, thanks to Tree-Nation and of course our customers, we’ve planted 100,000 trees spanning across sixteen different countries including, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Tanzania just to name a few. We’ve also supported twenty-one projects, meaning not only are we helping to restore forests, but also creating jobs, supporting local communities and biodiversity projects globally.

Here’s what Jamie Vindis our Managing Director had to say about reaching this significant milestone “Vindis Group are extremely proud of their partnership with Tree-Nation and the substantial positive impact made, not only to the environment, but to communities worldwide in just a short space of time. Whilst the affiliation is part our wider commitment, and our aim to consistently impact today and tomorrow by counteracting CO2 emissions on a daily basis is still at the forefront of our vision, the benefits of planting trees are enormous, and it has been incredibly special to be able to include our customers on this vital journey with us.”

We will continue to plant trees for each vehicle sale as we push forward to our next milestone of 250,000, and eventually 1 million trees. You can track our progress and keep an eye on the impact we’re making here: Tree-Nation | Vindis Group Impact

Thank you for your continued support.