Vindis Group celebrates Earth Day and one year of the #PlantedByVindis partnership with Tree-Nation

On Earth Day 2022, Vindis Group launched a partnership with Tree-Nation as part of a commitment towards a sustainable future and becoming a Net Zero organisation by 2030. We began by planting a tree on behalf of every Vindis Group employee, a practice that we continue to this day for each new starter. In addition to the employee involvement, every new and used vehicle delivered across the Group, generated the planting of new trees at reforestation projects around the world. These ranged from projects in Nepal and Peru that helped support land reclamation efforts to initiatives in Tanzania and India that provide valuable nutrition for local fauna.


This partnership between Vindis Group and Tree-Nation is a significant step forward in our ambition to become a Net Zero organisation by 2030. Our mission began with an important switch to sustainable energy sources throughout the Group and the continued reduction of our overall CO2 emissions by more than 10%. 

However, we believe that our work has only just begun, and there is much more that we can do as an industry and as a business for ourselves and our environment, and this partnership with Tree-Nation will enable our customers to share and contribute to this journey with us.”

- Jamie Vindis, Vindis Group Managing Director

In celebration of Earth Day 2023, the one-year anniversary of the #PlantedByVindis partnership, we have decided to shine a spotlight on the industry-wide focus of electric vehicles by planting a tree for every electric or hybrid vehicle that has been delivered in both our retail and fleet operations. 2,000 new yellow mangrove trees will be planted on the west coast of Madagascar by the amazing local teams of Eden Reforestation Projects. The yellow mangrove tree not only provides CO2 capture and land reclamation, but also builds an ecosystem for local wildlife.

We are thrilled to announce that since the partnership began 12 months ago, Vindis Group has planted over 64,000 trees across 20 reforestation projects in 16 countries! This has resulted in over 40 hectares of reforested land (that’s 40 rugby pitches) and 7,700 tonnes of CO2 captured in the lifetimes of our trees (enough to fill 7700 hot air balloons).

This is only the beginning of our mission! As of Earth Day 2023, the newly launched Vindis Group website will join our Net Zero journey by becoming CO2 neutral! The CO2 emissions that our website generates will be calculated by Tree-Nation and trees will be planted around the world to offset these emissions.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the teams at Tree-Nation and their global reforestation projects for making this initiative possible, but also to our customers for the continued support of #PlantedByVindis.

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